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Lifehacks to improve your Home Security

The lowdown on home security

Home security is quite a big deal these days. Many homeowners worry about the cost of sophisticated security systems; but in reality it’s not necessary to overly spend to keep your family safe. Townsville 24/7 Locksmiths recommends the following safety measures that help to keep burglars away, and keep you, your family and your belongings safe.

9 DIY Home Security Tips

  1. 1. Remember to lock your doors and windows: This may sound obvious but it’s surprising to see many people actually leave their doors and windows open when they are at home and how many fail to thoroughly check to ensure that their doors and windows are locked before leaving the home.

  2. 2. Install deadbolts: All doors of your home including your front and back doors, as well as any access doors like the ones connecting your garage and home, should be secured with a deadbolt, as it deters thieves and acts as the ultimate locking system.

  3. 3. Secure patio doors: These are considered the most unreliable as they are made of glass and very easy to penetrate. Consider upgrading your locking system on your patio doors and even discuss this with your local locksmith.

  4. 4. Be wary of your social media: Facebook’s a great way to keep in touch and chat with friends but please be careful to keep some information private or limited to certain close friends. This is especially important regarding your whereabouts, public posts such as “Ryan has a ball game on Saturday, who would like to join us?” is letting strangers know when you’ll be out of the house.

  5. 5. If you can, adopt a dog: It’s often said that dogs are the best form of security. Intruders are easily can be scared off by the bark of a dog. Dogs are territorial by nature, and even more so over those they love. Whilst they can be expensive and at time a headache, a dog is a priceless asset that barks at the slight glimpse or smell of an unwelcomed guest.

  6. 6. Power Timers: If you plan on being away from home for a prolonged period of time, It is worth setting your television, lights and radio to go on and off during different times of the day to make it feel as if the house is not empty.

  7. 7. Manage your landscaping: You might not think it, but your landscaping is actually really important. An overgrowth of bushes, shrubs and trees that cover structures like windows and doors are perfect for burglars. It creates shelter from vision and a safe hiding place during the day. An overgrown garden is also a sign that the house has been inactive for some time; so if you’re going on holiday, organise a gardener to continue working on your home.

  8. 8. Conceal your valuable possessions: Expensive artworks are obvious to experienced thieves and if they are arranged in such a way that they are visible from outside, you’re making yourself a target. If you are not physically able to hide expensive items, then remember to close your curtains.

  9. 9. Manage your lighting: Lighting matters, especially outdoor lighting. Providing sufficient lighting in darker areas of your home and motion lights where necessary. Effective lighting is a really effective warning for intruders, it’s even possible to get smaller alarm sounds as well.

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